Tom Hapke wrote MUSIC and LYRICS for many partners, produced and realized projects for:

RTL, SAT 1, ZDF, SWR, Deluxe Music TV, Premiere Star, Silvia Dias, Yvonne Catterfeld, Xavier Naidoo, Laith Al Deen, Patty Kelly, DIVA Award, „ehrensache“-Award, JBL, AKG, Film IFA Berlin, Harman Group, Papillio, SPL, BASF, Feldschlösschen Bier, Karlsberg Bier, Avalon, Tascam, Biffar, Clavia, Mackie, Bosworth Verlag, Alfred Verlag, Hear Safe, Radio NRW, Harman Kardon, Sommercable, Cherry Lane/Hal Leonard, Anixe TV, Neutrik, tc electronic, KS Digital, Infinity, Soundscape, Schill, Ultrasone, Revel, Lexicon, Apogee, CDA, 2+2+2, Hercules, Primacoustic, Galaxy Studios, Touchez La Femme, Jupiter, Becker Automotive, Mark Levinson and many more!


Most of Tom's music productions get their finish in one of the top studios in the world, the GALAXY Studios in Belgium. The people Tom works with, are geniuses in their field and are not seldom winners of awards like the Grammy's or Tec Awards. Together with these experts, Tom tries to  combine sensitive lyrics and exciting music to create a harmonious entity. For that the musicians, the sound designers, the engineers and all the other crew members are handpicked, so that Tom gets exactly the right expertise as well as the corresponding heart and soul for each and every project.